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Our Growing Impact

60 Million+

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On-time Delivery


JIT Fulfillment

2.5 Million+

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Food & Beverage



Consumer Electronics

Third Party Logistics


SME’s & Family Businesses

Available Fleets


Capacity: 600 KG


tata 407

Capacity: 4TON


tata ace

Capacity: 1TON


tata 1109

Capacity: 7TON


bolero pick-up

Capacity: 2TON


tata 32ft

Capacity: 9TON

Our Intra-City Services

First Mile

First Mile

We offer faster processing and transportation of packages and products from manufacturer or factory to warehouse.
Per Unit

Per Unit

Customized to per SKUs (stock keeping units), per ton, per packet or per touch point to make tracking of inventory convenient.
Mid Mile

Mid Mile

Pickup and transportation of orders from warehouse to distribution centers, fulfillment centers or traditional stores.

On Demand

Our 24*7 on-demand delivery services make it possible to deploy any vehicle of your choice in less than 6 hours, without any hassle.
Last Mile

Last Mile

We offer hyper local delivery of your orders from the distribution centers to the end customers
Bike Delivery

Bike Delivery

We also provide intracity and hyper local delivery services for restaurants, online groceries, retail, kirana stores and pharmacies that come with real time tracking system.

What makes ShipZip one of the top Logistics Partner?

1. Operational Benefits

We just don’t aggregate fleets, But we own your operations. With our improved efficiencies, our clients have witnessed 25% improvement across delivery timelines and massive savings across their logistics operations.

Operational benefits

2. Verified & Reliable Driver Partners

Our driver partners and vehicles undergo a background and regular safety check to ensure that vehicles are in good condition with the completed paperwork.

Verified & Reliable Driver Partners

3. Ready With Backups

Vehicle Breakdown, Driver Replacement or any form of Contingency. We’re always ready with Backups.

Ready with Backups

4. Tracking & Insights for
Decision Making

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Tracking & Insights for Decision Making

5. Peak Season Management

Durga Puja, Diwali, Holiday Season… You name it and We will deliver without any hiccups!

Peak Season Management

6. Strategic Presence

We are present across the deeper pockets of the Eastern India and as well major Tier 2 and Tier 1 Indian cities.

Strategic Presence

1. Cost Effective & On Time Deliveries

We create leaner supply chains that are efficient as well. Through our comprehensive 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) services, our clients have witnessed 25% improvement across delivery timelines, all this while having to spend lesser on logistics & supply chain operations

2. Verified & Reliable Driver Partners

We ensure that your shipments and deliveries are in safe hands. Our driver partners and vehicles undergo a thorough and stringent background before bringing them onboard. Regular safety checks are also held to ensure that the vehicles are in good condition with complete paperwork.

3. Risk Assessment & Backups

We assess any risk associated with your supply chains and plan beforehand to mitigate losses. Our team is equipped with backups and resources to make sure your deliveries are unaffected and reach your customers on time in case of any kind of contingency- vehicle breakdown, driver replacement or others.

4. Tracking & Insights for
Decision Making

Whether it’s a first mile delivery or last mile delivery, we take care of everything, leveraging advanced software to have an oversight of and manage different operations and use that data to get better results. Our Transport Management System (TMS) and last mile delivery apps secure your shipping process, throughout.

5. Peak Season Management

We understand how difficult it can be to manage volume surge during peak season in India- Diwali, Durga Puja or holidays- especially foe e-commerce industry. Our team ensures smooth flow of shipments and on time deliveries even during the times when market demand is high.

6. Strategic Presence

From being one of the top logistics companies in Kolkata, we are now present across the deeper pockets of the Eastern India as well as major Tier 2 and Tier 1 Indian cities. Our rapidly growing logistics network helps in easy fulfillment and supply of orders for enterprises.

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