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Features that define ShipZip:


Once you outsource your logistics to ShipZip, we handle every component of your supply chain, from planning to execution, with care and expertise.


We operate 24*7 giving flexibility to clients for setting up Ops round the clock and offer dynamic pricing model to suit your supply chain needs.


We offer you visibility through live tracking of vehicles, real time updates for delivery process and authenticated proof of delivery with verified NDR reports.

The Evolution Of

Supply Chains & Third Party Logistics (3PL)

3PL (3rd Part Logistics) industry is decades old. Originally what began as storage and transport industry, has evolved to integrate many other aspects as procurement, warehousing, on-deman deliveries, freight forwarding and shipping of products, scaling these services as per their clients requirements.

We at ShipZip, take care of all your logistics and supply chain needs, adding value to your business. Our range of services are best in industry yet economical. Each operation is aligned in a manner to achieve maximum efficiency. The process is quite complex but we are always simplifying it for you.

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The process behind Optimizing

Your Logistics & Supply Chains

Take a look at what goes behind bringing you the best logistics solutions



A successful business is built on mutual understanding with its customers. The most important step of our service is analyzing and understanding the needs of our clients and their business so as to offer them the best logistics solutions.


This is a very crucial step. Once the problem area has been identified, our team of experts brainstorm, to chalk out the best strategy to solve your supply chain issues. The idea is to create and implement a leaner and efficient process for your business.

Integration of Technology

This is the most important component of our logistics services and aimed at bringing efficiency and transparency. Right from Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Transport Management System (TMS) to last mile delivery apps, we put in the best of technology to give you an oversight of all the operations.

Receiving and Warehousing

Once the plan is put on paper, it is time to put it into action. We manage your inventory and warehouse, adjusting capacities according to order volumes. Your products are also placed in a number of different fulfillment centers to ensure faster intracity and hyper local deliveries.

Picking and Packing

Once the order for shipping is received we pick it up from warehouses, providing updates from time to time during its transportation. We also offer customized packing options and ensuring lowest practical dimensional weight, to save you additional shipping charges. 


We are equipped with different vehicles with diverse capacities to give you the best shipping facilities. These vehicles, enabled with audited & GPS system, ensure greater delivery speed saving your time and money. A cluster management team is also placed to oversee all tasks- first mile to last mile and ensure seamless operations.


A major pain point for both customers and ecommerce, manufacturing companies is return of goods. We also offer hassle free returns of your products from the customer, either to restock it in the warehouse or dispose, based on your preference.

Shipzip Distribution Network

Our Distribution Network allowed companies to expand their reach to Tier 2- Tier 3 markets and optimize supply chain costs.

Zero capex investment for companies

Operations are integrated with the client’s proprietary technology

Supply chain network visibility – Primary distribution to the last mile

Shipzip Ops & Central Team – Assisting & monitoring operations

Our Growing Impact

60 Million+

Packages Shipped


On-time Delivery


JIT Fulfillment

2.5 Million+

KMS Served


AnnualCost Savings


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